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Classes, to discover the real Apulia.
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What is happening in Italy?

Staying at home stimulates creativity:
videos of Italian behaviour during Coronavirus’ period


Waiting opening frontiers: an Apulian guide to read

Curiosity from Puglia and the world

We are a little group specialized in enogastronomy tours. We live in the center of Puglia, a charming area with Trulli, our traditional  and typical houses, the Itria Valley (a very particular vegetation and Unesco heritage), near the Adriatic sea and the Murgia, the typical Apulian hill. We love to share the best of our traditions with our guests 

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Live Class – the Orecchiette


Enjoy and learn with us how to do the typical Apulian pasta, the Orecchiette. LIVE! Staying at home you can take a piece of Puglia at your home. 

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Class on site -the Apulian pecorino cheese

The Apulian cheeses are well known all over the world. At our stay you can learn how to do the typical pecorino and fresh cheese. Enjoy with us!

Live – History of the Trulli of Alberobello

trulli tramontoThe Trulli of Alberobello, a typical and very ancient Apulian building. Start a tour with us to know the history, the use and the traditions linked to these legendary houses. LIVE! Staying at home you can enjoy this tour with us!

Class on site – Making the Orecchiette

One of the most important symbol of Puglia is a home-made pasta, a pillar in our culinary tradition.Orecchiette

In a charming location,our Trulli, come to learn how to do the Orecchiette and to prepare a tipycal Apulian menu. Go>>





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