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Since I was very young the “masserie” (old local farms) were our “supermarket” where to buy fresh milk, many kind of cheeses, ricotta cheese, ricotta forte (a spicy and aged cheese), caciocavallo  and meat. With my grandmother we chose every sunday morning a different farm in our area because of the different taste of cheese.

It’s the grass that animal feed and the air that give to the cheese a different taste” told us my grandmother.

In this class we want to teach you how to do produce some of our typical cheeses: cacioricotta, pecorino cheese and fresh ricotta cheese, following the old methods and traditions in all phases.

In particular, from October to April the typical winter cheeses: pecorino and fresh ricotta and from May to September the typical summer cheese: the cacioricotta cheese. Despite the similar names  they have a completly different procedure and final taste.


In our typical house, a 5 cones Trulli, in the charming and peaceful Valle d’Itria (Itria Valley) we will wait for the milk warming to reach the right temperature. With the same slow movements of the ancient tradition, the dough will be “caressed” and “stressed” to obtain a palatable warm and sweet cheese.

At the end we will taste our home-made fresh cheeses with other typical products in a light lunch served with fresh white or rosè wine.

Duration: 2 hours. Beginning hour: 10.00 am.

Kid friendly.


The lab-tour is in the countryside, in the center of Puglia. The territory is called "Valle d'Itria" (Itria Valley) a very particular vegetation also Unesco heritage. We share this particular vegetation with other 5 parts in the world.

In this charming atmosphere we will produce typical cheeses.

SOME HISTORY TIPS: cheese invention originates 6000 year ago. It was exclusively produced from ship's milk, considered the best one for many things: not only for milking and producing cheese but also for the realization of clothes and mattresses.

In Puglia the typical sheep called "pecora moscia" was imported from Asia. It's considered one of the best Italian sheep's race.

Local history and typical food, traditions that we will share with you for a complete experience.

  1. :

    This is a very nice course if you want to make local cheese and have a very nice introduction to the Apulian culture. Simona is very knowledgeable.

  2. :

    We had the most amazing time with Simona. The cheeses were delicious and the fresh fruits were so tasty. Simona is very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to experience the beauty and taste of rural Puglia.

  3. :

    It was awesome! If you are near to her place. You have to visit Simona, not only for making cheese, also for her kindness, her lifestyle, her very beautiful trullo, her cats, for the good conversations! It was really a pleasures to meet her 🙂 We would do this definitely again! Thanks to Simona She made our day

  4. :

    We had a super nice time with making our own cheese! Simona is a very friendly and intelligent person and the experience was much wider than “just making cheese”. She explained us about her way of living, how the cheese is produced (of course, we did it ourselves) and gave us many tips about the region Puglia. The tasting at the end was soo delicious and this experience is definitely worth the money! I can only recommend it 🙂

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    The cheese tour was amazing! We not only learned about the different types of cheese, but also learned a lot about herbs, olive oil/trees and the Italian history. The lunch with a lot of different cheeses and other typical products was really delicious. Simona is a great host and we would strongly recommend booking this tour!

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    Immer wieder gerne kommen wir zur Simona und um etwas Neues zu lernen und Sie zu treffen. Bin gespannt, ob es beim nächsten Mal wieder etwas Neues zu entdecken gibt. Wobei man auch diese Angebote wiederholen könnte, da es wirklich sehr nett ist bei der Simona. Man fühlt sich gleich wohl und man erfährt was vom Leben in Apulien.

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    A great and unique experience making cheese, learning about the process, trying a range of other cheese and amazing fruits and delicacies made by Simona, along with her wealth of information on the area- a top experience! Thank you Simona

  8. :

    Cheese making with Simona was a great experience – it was fun, we learnt a lot and tasted great products. Simona is friendly and knowledgeable on all aspects of Apulian life (not just cheese!)

  9. :

    Wonderful experience for the whole family. My 1 and 3 year old loved seeing all the farm animals and my 3 year old got involved in the cheese making process as well. We were lucky enough to see olives being pressed into oil on the day we were there. A beautiful location for this experience.

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    There aren’t enough wonderful words to describe Simona and her ability to be welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. This experience was fantastic in every way.

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    La découverte de la réalisation du fromage était très sympa et bien organisée. Elle nous a fait découvrir des producteurs locaux passionnés par leur travail. Simona est un très bon guide et elle aime faire partager ces découvertes et la culture de sa région. Encore merci et profitez de sa culture et de sa bonne humeur.

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    We had an incredible afternoon on the masseria learning about the cheesemaking process of the regional (delicious) cheese caccioricotta! Even before we started, Simona was so gracious as I explained we were running late. The masseria was beautiful – so scenic. The cheesemaking process was explained to us clearly, especially with the help of the lovely Valentina translating! And it was fascinating to learn about, and see just how from liquid milk the cheese is formed. We were also taken for a tour of the farm while we waited for the rennet to set the cheese, and it was such a treat to see the goats, sheep, horses, pigs – and even ducks and rabbits! – while being educated as to the work involved in running the farm, milking the milk producing animals, and so forth. It is really a dawn-til-dusk operation, and would only be done by people who have a love of what they do which was very evident! We were also treated to the adorable sight of baby miniature goats, and were given the opportunity to pick eggs from the hens which for us is not an opportunity we come across…ever! As well as take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding lands on which grow olive trees. After the cheese set, we were show how to separate the solid cheese from the extra liquid and then were tasked with further squeezing the liquid out of the cheese solids after it was portioned off. Afterward we were treated to a tasting of a sampling of local cheeses which were all delicious. And of course the best part were the conversations we had while enjoying the cheeses. If you are in the area, please do not pass this opportunity by!!!

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      OH wow! What a surprising review!
      We are glad to have hosted you in our beautiful land! Bye!
      Staff NST

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