One of the most important symbol of Puglia is a home-made pasta, a pillar in our culinary tradition.

Orecchietta” means little ear. Their particular concave shape remembers the cone of our Trulli and collects at the best the sauce made with fresh tomatoes, grown under the hot summer sun.

We offer to learn how to do this home-made pasta in the charming atmosphere of the Trulli and the magic of the Mediterranean Musquee of Valle Itria (Itria Valley). From wise hands, you’ll learn to do this old piece of art, following the traditional receipe and simple instruments/ingredients: water, flour, a pastryboard and a knife.

All ancient secrets will be revealed to realize a perfect “Orecchietta”, with the unexpected ingredients of Love and Patience. The class is based on learning how to do this typical Puglia’s pasta with some variants too. We will cook the pasta and eat it during the included lunch/dinner (depending on the season and the sunset hour. Look at the calendar at the end of the page).

LUNCH/DINNER: you can taste this special pasta during a lunch/dinner composed by a typical appetizer, a first course based on the self-made orecchiette with meat sauce or vegetables

(depending on the season and on your preferences) or simple sauce with cacioricotta cheese, a second course, fruits, water and wine included (Negramaro, Salice Salentino o Primitivo wine, depending on availability).

Kid friendly. Infant and children till 3 yo are FREE.

It is possibile to prepare the Orecchiette with gluten free or wholemeal flour (on request).

Vegetarian and vegan ready!


From February to May and from October to November on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning beginning at 10.00.

From June to September: Monday, afternoon beginnig at 18.00. Wednesday and Saturday , morning beginning at 10.00.

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