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Our experiences are slow tours, a slow penetration and sedimentation of impressions. A soul time.


Xp a piece of Puglia! Choose between online and on site XP

You can experience and taste Puglia in many ways:

  • On Site: coming to our home, the Trulli and do the experience with us. Choose the Orecchiette Class and the Apulian cheese class. In a charming atmosphere and in both experiences you’ll learn a typical Apulian meal.

  • Online: staying at your home, we take Apulia to you! Choose between the Orecchiette LIVE class and the LIVE Trulli Tour. Pasta and traditions to share with you!


We are a couple specialized in enogastronomy tours. We live in the center of Puglia in a Trulli, a charming area with Trulli, our traditional and typical houses, the Itria Valley (a very particular vegetation and Unesco heritage), near the Adriatic sea and the Murgia, the typical Apulian hill. We love to share the best of our traditions with our guests.


Orecchiette LIVE class

Live Trulli Tour

Making cheese in canestri
Apulian Chees class – On site

The Orecchiette Class – On site

We live in Ceglie Messapica (BR) in the center of Apulia in:

via (street) Padula del Cimitero, 3

Contact us at phone or Whatsapp: +39.339.8686335

Email us at:



14 km from Ostuni

90 km from Bari and from the main airport

80 km from Lecce