Nord Salento Tour


Enjoy an exclusive Master Class and pasta-making, privately, in the comfortability of your location, preparing together a typical dinner.

You can also choose just to be served delicious dishes of the Apulian cuisine.

The flavors of Puglia in your kitchen!

Welcome in Puglia, land of sun and good food.

A complete service at your stay in Puglia center, from producing pasta by scratch to cooking the menu that you prefer. Together or served. The service can be completely customized. The duration depends on the services you desire.

At the end of the page, the list of the areas where we can reach you.

Pasta Making

Pasta is exclusively fresh and handmade. Made together or prepared by us for you: Orecchiette, cavatelli, spaghetti, fusilli or maccaroni, all traditional Apulian shapes. 


Taste a 3 course dinner of local recipes, following your desires and the season. The ingredients are always seasonal and produced locally. For this reason the menu is flexible with different solutions.

As examples
  • Orecchiette Pasta with tomato sauce and cacioricotta cheese
  • Orecchiette Pasta with a meat sauce or vegetables
  • Fish soups with or without pasta
  • Tiella rice, patatoes and seafood
  • Parmigiana (zucchini or aubergine)
  • Artichokes* (stuffed, baked, fried, etc)
  • Tiramisu

Dinner is completed with vegetables, fruit, typical sweets. Local organic wine is included.

Please note: This recipe (*) is seasonal

The menu is completely customizable. We are ready for dietary restrictions (pregnant, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, celiac, pescatarian). Kids are welcome.

We provide all the necessary instruments for the class. Contact us for any other need.

Shared Masterclass

  • Adult 50 €/person
  • young (4-12 years) 40€/person

Private Masterclass

From 26 march a 14 July

  • Adult 100 €/person
  • young 75€/person

from 15 July o 31 Aug

  • Adult 150 €/person
  • young 80 €/person

Other Masterclasses