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Travelling, Discovering, Tasting Puglia… Starting from North Salento

Our Exclusive Experiences

Discover to Explore the Hearth of Puglia

Pizzaca and Taranta

Under the Olive Trees

History of Trulli

The ancient Apulian houses

Chef at Home

A special Cooking Class

Puglias cheese

One of tipical local product

About Us

We love to share the best of our traditions with our guests.

We are a couple specialized in enogastronomy tours. We live in a charming area in the center of Puglia in a Trulli-house, the traditional and typical houses, in the Itria Valley (a very particular vegetation and Unesco heritage), near the Adriatic sea and the Murgia, the typical Apulian hill.

Private Classes

At your stay in Puglia, preparing together or enjoying a complete dinner of our traditional cuisine.

Shared Classes

Cooking and Master class in the beautiful scenario of our Trulli house in the land of the Itria Valley. Group experience.


Unusual Puglia Travel Guide

Unknown routes, unusual stories of Puglia… 

Natural Experiences

Fruits, wild and cultivated vegetables, the nature dominates our time. It's part of the experience.

Cooking Masterclass

Cooking the southern cuisine requires special ingredients, quite unexpected. Let's discover them together!

Apulia,what does the name means?

Journey through the origin and evolution of the name of our Region

Porto Badisco. The cave of deers and extraterrestrials

a journey among the crystal clear waters, the historical riches and the myth of Aeneas, where nature and culture blend in a unique experience

Distances and Routes

We live in Ceglie Messapica in the center of Apulia

Your guide to navigating the wonders of Salento: Distances from major Cities and airports.

Ceglie Messapica (BR)

Street - via Padula del Cimitero, 3

(+39) 3398686335

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Autentic Cuisine

Culture and History

Natural discoveries


Guide to North Salento

Unknown curiosities from Puglia and Salento


The hidden river

Example of a great industrial modern architecture it flows all along Puglia and holds many world records. It has been renovated as a bike way, as an ecofriendly itinerary, to discover Puglia from a different point of view.

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La nascita delle Orecchiette

La nascita delle orecchiette è avvolta nel mistero. Il poeta latino Varrone parla delle lixulae, un tipo di pasta a forma rotonda con il centro concavo

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