Welcome in Puglia! Enjoy our beautiful region, discover interesting places rich in history and culture and the tasting food.

Who we are

Xp a piece of Puglia!

trulli tramonto

We are a couple specialized in enogastronomy tours. We live in a charming area in the center of Puglia in a Trulli-house, the traditional and typical houses, in the Itria Valley (a very particular vegetation and Unesco heritage), near the Adriatic sea and the Murgia, the typical Apulian hill. 

We love to share the best of our traditions with our guests.

We live in Ceglie Messapica (BR) in the center of Apulia in:

via (street) Padula del Cimitero, 3 – Ceglie Messapica

Contact us at phone or Whatsapp: +39.339.8686335

Email us at: info@nordsalentotour.com


14 km from Ostuni

35 Km from Brindisi and the airport Papola Casale

90 km from Bari and from the main airport Karol Wojtila

80 km from Lecce 

Cicero-Guide to Salento Nord

Unknwon curiosities from Puglia and Salento.

Apulian Legends (4) Archeology (2) ENG (3) History (6) History of gastronomy (4) ITA (2) Myth (3) Tour (16)

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