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WHat about a cool drink? Or … frozen?

An extreme possibility to escape the summer torrid heat: an Ice-bar. Inside the temperature goes from the outside 30 degrees to -10 inside an Ice Bar and you can spend few minutes having a frozen drink (but also hot …) in a bar where everything is made of ice!!!

Stockholm, Sweden

Glasses, counter and also chairs and paintings, in a ice bar in Stockholm, Sweden, everything follows this theme. It is the first and the only permanent ice bar in the world that attracts thousands of curious tourists every year. Opened in 1994, it is located at number 4 in Vasaplan, where there is also the Nordic Sea Hotel. To enter it you need to cover yourself very well, wearing heavy jackets and gloves that can be supplied directly from the bar. The ice to built the bar comes directly from the Arctic Circle. You cannot stay longer than 40 minutes, given that the temperature inside is always -5° C. According to the experts, staying longer may cause affecctions to physique. Just enough time to drink a cocktail in a glass of ice.

In the world there are others of ice bars. From Rome to London, from Montreal to Barcelona, from Paris to Tokyo, there are about thirty.

A gorgeous experience to do. Let’s do it and … break the ice! But what are the best Ice Bars in Europe where to live this absolutely unique experience?

Xtracold Ice bar, Amsterdam

ice bar amsterdam

Let’s start from the Xtracold Ice Bar, Amsterdam, Netherlands, one of the first European ice bars. 10 degrees below zero, spacious and welcoming. Interior decoration is amazing, with objects and mannequins embedded in ice. A large area for dancing will help to warm up the evening.

Absolute Ice Bar, Milan

ice bar milano

Absolute Icebar Italia: this was certainly the coldest bar in Milan, unfortunately opened for a short time. In its place today there is a hotel. To build it were necessary 40 tons of ice and imagination and skill of several artists. In the bar were offered excellent fruit vodka drinks.

Ice bar Palermo

ice bar palermo

Ice Bar Palermo, Palermo, Italy: with its -10 degrees, this ice bar is ready to welcome customers for an unordinary evening.
Before the entrance, there are offered to customers blanket and gloves to withstand the cold atmosphere and to sip their cocktail from ice glasses, created by molds left in the freezer for 10 /12 hours. Snacks are also served on an ice plate!

Ice Kube Bar, Paris, France

ice bar parigi

Ice Kube Bar, Paris, France: in this famous French ice bar the first room at -10 degrees to get used to the cold before going inside, where the temperature goes from -10 to -20 degrees. Who has been there says that being in is like drinking a cocktail in a freezer! The bar is adorned with ice sculptures depicting bears and other animals, reproductions of igloos, sofas lined with synthetic fur. Don’t forget that yours will be a rather short evening: you can’t resist in the bar not more than 30 minutes!


Icebarcelona, Barcelona, Spain: an all-ice bar … on the beach! Expect a crazy experience and amazing furnishings, with sculptures, castles and even a fireplace. Lights reflected on the ice create an intense atmosphere, truly spectacular. Many are the also events in this definitely unusual and particular location.

ice bar barcellona
Ice bar Barcellona

Ice Bar Madrid

ice bar madrid

Ice Bar Madrid, Madrid, Spain: from Monday to Thursday starting at 20.00 and Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 22.00 you can watch the Aurora Borealis show thanks the collaboration with a naturalist and a video specialist, who project images and videos of this amazing natural phenomenon directly on the walls this sub-zero bar.

ice bar londra

Ice bar London

Ice Bar London, London, England is the warmest ice bar with an inside temperature of -5 degrees. The ice has been mostly collected in northern Sweden. Once you have chosen your drink, you can take a souvenir photo or buy small gifts, such as fur hats or ice candles.

ice bar budapest

Icebar Budapest

Icebar Budapest, Budapest, Hungary: a really not to miss place in the beautiful Hungarian capital. The bar, completely built in ice, is inspired to the marine world: inside you will find a large aquarium.

Absolute Ice bar, Copenhagen

ice bar copenaghen

Absolut Ice Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark was the first to open in the city but has currently been closed for 2 years. In its place you will find two others: the Reflecion Ice bar and the Magic Ice bar. The latter one is the only permanent in Copenhagen.

Have a nice and cold trip!

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