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New Orleans, a city rich in history, music, culture and entertainment, home of personalities from the past, among whom the most well-known is Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Ready to leave? Go!

new orleans

The name of the city derives from a king: Filippo II d’Orléans, who was a French general. The French Quarter is due to its European origins: a picturesque place with a thousand of legends, full of interesting places worth to visit.

New Orléans is also one of the most important cities of mixology, the art of creating cocktails: it has given birth to drinks such as Sazerac, with absinthe, sugar syrup, whiskey, brown sugar and Peychaud’s Bitter.

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With the name of the capital of Louisiana, one of the best jazz orchestras of the 1920s was baptized: the New Orleans Rhythm Kings. The first jazz rythm was born in the city at the end of the XIX century, still played along the streets without any score: its characteristic is being improvised, so that musicians can give their best and personal vision to music and indulge in the inspiration of the moment. The modern street bands in the city still perform outdoors nowadays, especially during celebrations of the crazy Carnival that colors the streets of New Orleans.

This is the city of music par excellence. Here also un unmissable musical event: the Jazz Fest, held every spring that attracts artists and fans from all over the world.

The inseparable link between the city and jazz music is confrmied by the fame of a song that many whistles around the world: Moon River by the great, unforgettable Louis Armstrong, born in his own New Orleans in 1901.

new orleans

The moon is certainly one of the symbols of the city: New Orléans is also known as Crescent City because, seen from above, it looks like a crescent.

New Orleans’ most popular dishes are part of the Creole tradition, and have amazing names like jambalaya e gumbo ya-ya – don’t leave without trying them!

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is a museum dedicated to children of all ages, and its rooms host exhibitions and events ranging from toys to architecture.

big easy new orleans

New Orléans is also called Big Easy. Because? Well, for its relaxed and pleasant lifestyle! Its inhabitants take it easy! In fact, its motto says Laissez les bons temps rouler – take time for fun!

At Carnival’s Mardi Gras, people usually eat the “King Cake“, a soft sponge cake decorated with gold, purple and green sugar. What’s so strange? A doll is hidden inside: whoever finds it will have to buy the cake the next Mardi Gras.

There are those who call New Orleans South Hollywood: in fact, the city hosted the set for films such as Il Curioso Caso di Benjamin Button and Interview with the Vampire. Also the cartoon film The Princess and the Frog was set right here.

New Orleans is certainly a city full of life, but you will be surprised to find that its cemeteries have many admirers, and that there are even organized tours to visit them!

Have a nice trip!

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